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Academic exchanges (Online) at University of Oxford, UK (10)

author: Cui keyu Date: 2021-06-04 View:

In the last 8 weeks I had a wonderful experience taking part in tutorials from Oxford University. My expected aims of this program are as follows: Firstly, to further understand the relevant knowledge of Kant's moral philosophy; Secondly, to experience the teaching of the world's top philosophy departments; Thirdly, to exercise the ability of oral expression and academic communication in English; Fourthly, try to use English to conduct normative academic writing.

To make these goals come true, I made some preparation for tutorials. First of all, I reasonably arranged my study and life to ensure that I have enough time for course activities. Secondly, I kept oral English practice to prepare for communication with foreign professors. Thirdly, I read relevant works of Kant's moral philosophy in advance, and find the corresponding English version of the works to prepare for the class discussion.

In the tutorials professor Roxana Baiasu introduced some basic viewpoints of Kant's theoretical philosophy and moral philosophy. Though the lectures I had personally experienced “tutorial”, a special foreign teaching method, from which I have benefited a lot. Since my partner Li Xinya and I needed to talk in English so that professor Baiasu could understand both of us, I fully exercised my oral expression and academic communication ability in English, and had in-depth communication with Xinya and professor Baiasu in the tutorial. I also conducted two standardized academic essays in English, and got comments and guidance from professor Baiasu.

However, sometimes there are technical problems with ZOOM, the online meeting platform, such as disconnections.

Besides, what the professor discussed with us was mainly introductory, and there was seldom further discussions on some cutting-edge academic issues. I really hope that there could be Investigations in advance on what students need, introductory or research-based, and assign courses of different degrees according to different situations. I am sure that would be really helpful.

Finally I would like to thank for Jilin University, to offer me such a precious chance to experience tutorials in Oxford University. I am also very appreciate the teaching of professor Baiasu, and the arrangements of  Janina Duda, Georgina Thomes, Russell White, Lana Delerue. I had a really great time!