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Academic exchanges (Online) at University of Oxford, UK (9)

author: Zhou mengfei Date: 2021-06-02 View:

Expected goals of participating in the project

1. Improved oral and listening skills in English

2.  Develop professional English listening and speaking skills

3.  Expand theoretical horizons and learn to understand foreign history and culture

4.  Experience the fun of online courses and enrich your study life

5.  Compare the differences in teaching methods and teaching concepts at home and abroad

Preliminary preparation for the project

1.  Actively practice English speaking and listening skills, maintain and improve English listening and speaking skills

2.  Understand the teaching methods of online courses, class time, teaching cycle, software used and course content

3.  According to the course content and teaching format, read the relevant literature in advance and learn the current research status in this area in China

4.  Plan the study time according to the school study plan, sort out your confusion in study and reading so that you can ask questions in class

5.  Get in touch with the teaching teacher in advance in the form of WeChat and email to lay the foundation for classroom communication

Gains from participating in the project

1.  The listening and speaking ability of professional English has been improved to a certain extent, laying the foundation for future English communication with professional background and participating in other projects.

2.  My English ability has also been improved

3.  Expanded the theoretical horizon of my studies in Kant's philosophy and Marx's philosophy, and to a certain extent understood the characteristics of foreign history and culture and the personality characteristics of foreigners, especially foreign teachers.

4.  Have a better understanding of foreign teaching methods and methods and teaching concepts, especially respecting the main status of students, and giving every student an equal opportunity to communicate

Problems encountered in participating in the project, as well as suggestions for this project and similar projects in the future

1.  Due to cultural differences, especially language differences, some communication is not smooth enough, which affects the actual learning effect

2.  The online form is restricted by many factors, such as network problems, learning environment, etc.

3.  Due to the first time to participate, lack of experience, did not form a good learning and communication mode of its own