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Academic exchanges (Online) at University of Oxford, UK (6)

author: Shang feng Date: 2021-06-02 View:

I have participated in some international projects before, all in the form of lectures or classes and I have never had a tutorial learning experience. So I very much look forward to having a dedicated tutor to give us targeted guidance. The topic I chose is "Moral Philosophy". On the one hand, I am very interested in moral philosophy and have a certain basis for learning; on the other hand, I have experienced ethics teaching in China and the United States before, and I also hope to compare with Oxford University’s Ethics teaching content. I also want to experience the teacher-student relationship model, classroom interaction model, and student learning situation of Oxford University through this project.

In order to successfully complete the project, I first focused on improving my English skills, especially listening and speaking skills, and prepared IELTS during the winter vacation. Secondly, for the texts required to be read by the project, such as Mill's Utilitarianism, I read the Chinese translation in advance and made a brief understanding of Mill's other works and other works of the utilitarianism. Finally, another member of the project and I communicated and exchanged in advance to prepare for unexpected situations that may occur in the classroom.

Through this project, my English ability, literature reading ability, and communication skills have been greatly improved.

A large amount of English reading materials every week, intensive exchange and discussion, you must listen carefully to the teacher’s questions, other students’ answers, and give your own comments and opinions. This kind of training allowed me to improve my English ability in a short time and read English materials more confidently.

Paying attention to another person’s point of view in the tutorial, questioning in an appropriate way, demonstrating one's own point of view, and citing correct literature all require communication skills. I didn't dare to speak or couldn't speak at the beginning, and I was able to talk freely at the end of the project, and I gained a lot!

In the process of participating in the project, I also encountered some difficulties. The main difficulty is that it is difficult to balance the tasks of learning courses and projects, because there are many project tasks, all in English, which takes a long time and squeezes the learning time at school.

I hope that in future projects, we can still stick to small classes to ensure the learning effect to the greatest extent. In addition, the distribution of group members can also consider people with different English proficiency to form teams to help each other.