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Academic exchanges (Online) at University of Oxford, UK (5)

author: Pang yingjie Date: 2021-06-02 View:

About my aims of the project, I want to improve my English communication and writing ability, because I know that the teaching staff arranged by Oxford will correct my essays. Secondly, Oxford philosophy department, as a world-famous Department of philosophy, has been ranking in the international frontier in its academic research, my aim is to learn the international frontier information of academic circles. Finally, I want to broaden my academic horizons and understand the information of international schools.

Before the tutorials, I read the original works and second-hand literature arranged by the instructors to enrich the corpus and the knowledge of the corresponding philosophers. And I participate in the English writing standard and guidance course to prepare for the article writing in the project.

In the project, i have a preliminary understanding of Nietzsche's philosophy and international frontier research, and has gained many research perspectives that have not been involved in China. The ability of foreign language communication and writing in the context of philosophy has been enhanced, and the writing ability of English philosophy essay has been improved. I have established a friendly relationship with the teaching staff arranged by Oxford, which has increased my channels of international academic exchange. And they give me some important suggestions on my plan of studying abroad.

Some problems at the project. Due to the Covid-19 situation, this project adopts the online form, and the network status of both sides of the meeting is the biggest problem that may affect the quality of the meeting. I suggest that the discussion should be changed to offline if it’s possible in the future. In addition, due to the problem of staffing, the assigned instructors in this group are not in line with the academic interests and directions reported by this group. Although the teaching quality is very high and we have gained a lot of knowledge, we are still hope a reduce the occurrence of this situation in the future.