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The International Round Table Entitled "Knowledge, Goodness and Normativity" Held Successfully

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On December 4, 2021, the international round table on "Knowledge, Goodness and Normativity,” sponsored by the School of Philosophy and Sociology of Jilin University and Center for Fundamentals of Philosophy of Jilin University, was successfully held online. The opening ceremony of the round table was presided over by Professor Qu Hongmei, Deputy Dean of the School of Philosophy and Sociology. Professor Qu Hongmei warmly welcomed the participants and introduced the School of Philosophy and Sociology of Jilin University.

The meeting set up six discussions around the theme of "Knowledge, Goodness, and Normativity,” the panel set up six conferences. Postdoctoral Fellow Liu Chang of the Department of Philosophy and Religion of Peking University discussed the issue of justice from four aspects under the title of "Toward an Ethics of Interpretation.” In the second discussion, Ms. Libby Southgate, Ph.D. candidate of Sage School of Philosophy of Cornell University, described two theoretical foundations of morality in her talk “Impaired Intuitionism.” The keynote speaker of the third report, Professor Robert Audi of the University of Notre Dame, reported on “The Epistemology of Value Judgments: Intrinsic Value, Inherent Value, and Intuitive Knowledge,” which involved: intrinsic value and intuitive knowledge. The fourth lecture was given by Professor Huang Yong of the Department of philosophy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The theme was "A Third Platonic Problem for Sosa?: Or How Wang Yangming Can Know Better than Full Well?". The fifth lecture was given by Fellow Davide Fassio of the Department of philosophy of Zhejiang University, with "Moral and Epistemic Objectivism.” The sixth report was provided by Christos Kyriacou, lecturer in the Department of Classical Literature and Philosophy of the University of Cyprus, with the theme of "Virtue Modal Epistemology for Normative Necessities.”

Finally, Dr. Nicholas Rimell, the conference organizer, fully affirmed the educational value of the conference. The participating scholars gave lectures and shared the latest academic achievements, and carried out friendly, in-depth, and warm exchanges and discussions on the platform of the international educational seminar of Jilin University, which brought cutting-edge new ideas and new contents of philosophical research to our students. Finally, Dr. Nicholas Rimell once again thanked all scholars and teachers, and students of our school for their enthusiastic participation and announced the successful conclusion of this International Symposium on "Knowledge, Goodness, and Normativity"!