Academic exchanges (Online) at Cambridge University, UK (5)
Author:Zhang Chutong   Time:2021-03-17   Clicks:

In the programme that has just past, I have gained a lot not only in knowledge of ethics but also the advice of living and learning skills. I decided to take part in this programme held by Jilin university and unniversity of Cambridge in order to enrich the basic knowledge of ethics and explore interest in the study of ethics. It was a tough journey, of course. I faced difficulties not only in reading English literature but also in communicating with professor and express my point clearly. However, I have try my best to overcome these odds. If I have decided to do something, I will manage to make it work in any cases.  Because of these difficulties I have learnt to become proficient in the use of various learning software and to improve my ability to express myself in English as well as reading English literatures. Because of that, surely it was a fruitful journey. Additionally, I want to say thanks to our professor Chris, he is a very careful and attentive teacher who is able to teach in a very detailed and clear manner. Besides, he has taught us the skills of how to study ethics, for example pay attention to the background knowledge of a theory held by philosopher and always think of the opposing view when you make an argument. I want to say thanks to the student who take part in this programme too. When they were sharing their arguments, I thought about their ideas and was inspired by them. In case of that, I also learned a lot from my companions. In general, I really precious this chance of entering the programme, and I hope there will be more programme held by our university to influence more student just like me.

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