Academic exchanges (Online) at Cambridge University, UK (4)
Author:Ruan Qianqian   Time:2021-03-17   Clicks:

What I expected goals of participating in the project is that: The most important thing in the expected goal is the improvement of professional knowledge and ability. I am very interested in ancient Greek philosophy and philosophy, and the main content of this project is ancient Greek ethics. Secondly, the tutor course system of Cambridge University provides an opportunity to discuss topics in depth, consolidate theoretical knowledge, deepen theoretical understanding, and receive regular feedback. Furthermore, by following the courses of famous foreign schools, I hope to get an international teaching environment to evaluate my opinions and deepen my professional ability.


What I do for this project: The first is that the preparation of the course requires relevant knowledge in a certain field or subject. Before the project starts, I will carefully study all the relevant reading/learning preparation materials sent by the teaching assistant Roy to prepare for the online course. Secondly, I will choose additional English listening practice every day to strengthen my English listening and speaking skills. Because I am afraid that my current foreign language skills may not be able to keep up with the progress of foreign professors.


What I get from participating in the project is that: I have benefited a lot from participating in such international high-end courses. On the one hand, by listening to keynote speeches and keynote reports by experts and scholars, I have not only gained a lot in the accumulation of professional knowledge and the expansion of my subject vision, but also a deeper understanding of the process of ethics. On the other hand, I have gained a deeper understanding of the process of ethics. The further dialogue and exchange between the professor and the team members not only absorb and appreciate the professor's rigorous academic attitude and insights on the problem, but also enhance the ability to cooperate with team members. The most important thing is that we conducted two supervisions with the professor, during which we were able to communicate deeply with the professor, and the professor revised and improved our answers. In the direct discussion, the professional knowledge was unknowingly improved.

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