Academic exchanges (Online) at Cambridge University, UK (3)
Author:Pang Hetong   Time:2021-03-17   Clicks:

I have participated in the "Global Competency Enhancement Plan for Jilin University Students" in 2021, which is a joint project between Jilin University and Cambridge University. This project aims to enable us to ‘explore the world and discover yourself’. Based on the premise of being interested in ancient Greek philosophy, I signed up and participated in this project. After the completion of the project, I gained a lot.First of all, I got to know myself and determined my future direction. The content of ancient Greece is very profound, which is more than what I can detect from reading by myself. After a period of time, I will have a deeper understanding of ancient Greek philosophy, and feel the sense of achievement of completing a project more.Secondly, this project has improved my English ability. I like the part of supervision the most. This part can point out our misunderstanding about knowledge and give us more time to communicate with teachers and ask questions instead of simply listening to the teacher.Through question-and-answer, my oral and listening skills have been improved.Thirdly, this project improved our team ability. After class, I actively communicated with my classmates and understood the contents that I didn't fully understand in class.This is also a kind of teamwork, so that we can better complete the project.


I didn't have a big problem with the program.Because the teacher's explanation is very detailed and speaks at a moderate speed.And there are subtitles for those who cannot understand, which is especially helpful for people with hard of hearing to understand the teacher. Thanks again for the subtitle function of Zoom.For this project, I think everything is perfect. I would like to express my special thanks to Jilin University for giving us this opportunity to further study the knowledge of ancient Greek philosophy.


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